Process Outsourcing Services

Offshore Book Keeping Services
What Accounting Services can I outsource to India?
Any standardized process which has pre defined steps; document flow, approval flow etc can be outsourced. Some of the common process/functions outsourced are Invoice generation, tracking accounts receivables, sending reminders, generating accounts receivable reports, accounting bills of vendors and tracking accounts payable, aging analysis, general ledger maintenance, financial statements preparation, like P & L statements, balance sheet, customized reports, reconciliation of checking and credit card accounts, payroll processing services, data entry, claims and expense administration and more.
What Accounting Services Software does nsoln work with?
We utilize QuickBooks for our offshore accounting services, however we are open to using any software which client insists on and is feasible for use in an outsourcing arrangement.
Does my location make a difference?
No, not at all. The system gives both your employees and those of the service provider simultaneous access to real-time accounted data. So it does not matter where you are as everyone can log in together. You won't have to buy software or maintain a complicated network or server, which naturally helps you save both time and money.
What are Some Other Advantages of Using QuickBooks Online?
Several actually. Upgrading is easy and seamless as compared to the usual software upgrade process. There are no hassles with older versions and legacy issues. Our quickbooks team in India will always use the same up-to-date version as all our clients. Hence, there will be no impact to the user as QuickBooks is upgraded. You can use a single, secure login to access multiple company subscriptions and at the same time have differing permission levels per company. Also, the QuickBooks Online Edition currently has no limit on the number of simultaneous users. You can track everything because the always-on audit trail is available for inspection 24X7 and captures every user's every edit.
How much effort is involved in Outsourcing QuickBooks Accounting Services to India?
Very little paper information needs to be transferred overseas. We strive to set up a "Paperless office" that will be safe and secure. However, some documents may need to be scanned, faxed, or mailed to India.
What Special Training and Knowledge is required?
Our staff in India is well versed with QuickBooks and can take up the assignment on a priority basis if desired. However should you choose any other accounting software to maintain your books of accounts, then our staff will have to be trained separately for such specific requirement.
What about Online Security and Security at your Office in India?
No one can see your data online unless you allow them to. QuickBooks Online Edition encodes your transmissions with secure encryption. The facility in India has restricted access to the building and each employee has restricted access to your files and documents. All employees undergo a screening process and sign confidentiality agreements.
Why should we choose you as our preferred outsourcing partner?
We provide the following compelling reasons for us to be chosen as your preferred partner:

  1. Speed and reliability of responses
  2. Sound communication skills
  3. Quality of management and the overall team
  4. Stability of Infrastructure
  5. Adherence to stringent SLA and NDA norms
  6. Stringent security measures to protect client’s data

What is your delivery structure and fees?
Please refer to the presentation on our website wherein our delivery structure has been explained. However before we can quote our fee, we need to discuss and understand the scope of service with you. However you should be rest assured, that our fee is very competitive.
I am interested, how should I proceed?
Please drop in a mail at either or with your specific requirements and contact details. We shall then arrange a teleconference with you to discuss the scope and SLAs in detail and quote you a fee. Upon your acceptance we shall draw up the SLA and take the delivery forward.  
With the accelerating globalization of the Information Technology (IT) solutions the paradigm of Outsourcing has become the media's punching bag du jour. The myriad advantages of the concept gratify this popularity. So what exactly does this term signify and how does it aid organizations in achieving quantifiable goals?
Simply put, outsourcing is an option for managing internal tasks. A staffing tool, outsourcing is an arrangement whereby an organization contracts with another organization to perform tasks or functions traditionally handled by internal staff.
So how does it benefit an organization?
Outsourcing gives tremendous help to companies to concentrate more on the core areas of their business. The most important factor behind the growth of this market worldwide is an increase in the number of enterprises that are reviewing their internal operations in an attempt to fully understand their core competencies and in the process they are able to focus more on their core competencies. Process outsourcing gives more freedom to the organization to focus more time, energy and resources on building the companies core business.
Offshoring, a subset of outsourcing allows organizations to transfer their internal processes to countries like India , which aids them in bringing down costs attributable to labor arbitrage
Thus the immediate more visible benefits of outsourcing are lower costs and increased efficiency in business processes.
The overall benefits include:
Streamlines and improves company strategy by allowing focus on core competencies.
Reduction and control of operating costs through standardization.
Frees resources for other critical projects.
Gain access to world class capabilities, technology and resources
Reduces time to market and increases flexibility
Transfer of risk to the vendor
Handles function which are difficult to manage or out of control
Helps simplifying critical internal processes by streamlining them and moving to a lean model.
Improves knowledge management
Availability of 24/7 resources
Aids in eliminating staff attritions, training costs and replacement costs.
Increases overall productivity.
Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Outsourcing for cost reasons alone.
Not planning enough for the management transition involved in handing over work.
Losing internal control of mission critical areas.
Over looking sub-contracting clause with vendors.
Unclear exit strategies and dispute resolution
Why choose us?
Our core team is from a diverse background in areas relating to finance. The collective experience of our team is more than 50 years in various aspects of consulting, taxation, accounting, administration, audit, advisory, banking and ERP implementation. We deliver tailor made business process and co-sourcing solutions ranging from individual transaction based functions to advisory and consulting services. We also work with our customers to educate them on "best practices" resulting in improved efficiency on the client side as well.
Our Strengths
Benefit to you
Over 20 year's collective experience in the field.
Will help us ascertain the processes to outsource to achieve maximum compatibility and impact.
Deliver personalized tailor made solutions.
Will help us target specific areas of your business to render specific corresponding solutions, resulting in maximum leverage
Structured approach to outsourcing and co-sourcing
Helps eliminate common associated pitfalls to outsourcing
Focus on educating and co creating best practices with our clients
Helps in improving overall efficiency by structuring processes in a fashion which will deliver sustainable benefits.
Measurable performance indicators in terms of time and well defined business processes.
Helps in delivery of quantifiable and predictable performance on the basis of which viable forecast can be drawn.
Competitive price models and unique packages to suit varied and unique client requirement
Aids in reducing overall costs while increasing productivity.
Our methodology
Conduct a due diligence review
Develop a business case study to quantify goals and move forward
Select functions and processes to outsource
Analyze the risks associated with the project and develop a framework to reduce them
Establish, formalize and agree on contract provisions, governance and service level expectation
Conduct a pilot test run
Ensure that implementation plan is flexible and is at a comfortable pace to managers at all levels
nSoln professional services combines front-office with back-end solutions to create significant returns on business initiatives for clients. Specializing in delivering innovative and creative solutions, Cendien helps clients expand their vision to encompass the full potential of technology.
Our professional services include:
Strategy Consulting
E-Business / E-Commerce
Business Intelligence
ERP / CRM Consulting
Technology Solutions
Application Development
Usability / Experience Design
Enterprise Application Integration
Our expertise in project management, implementation, migrations, interfaces, customizations, upgrade services, change management, training and support allows us to deliver the valuable solution your business needs. But its the use of a strategic approach with solutions which allows us to empower clients to improve competence and productivity across all levels of the organization.
All our solutions take into consideration:
Competing Pressures
Resource Constraints
Anticipated Change
Emerging Technologies
Processes Realigment
Contact us
to help you achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently.